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GRTiQ Podcast: 03 Tegan Kline

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Episode 03: Today I’m speaking with Tegan Kline, Co-founder and Business Lead at Edge & Node, a software development firm created by the team behind The Graph. The conversation with Tegan covers a broad range of topics, from her background working in the banking and investments industries, the relationship between Edge & Node and The Graph, and her own experience working as a Delegator in The Graph.

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  • Tegan Bio:

    Tegan Kline, Co-Founder and Business Lead at Edge & Node, helping to ensure a vibrant decentrlized future. Tegan is working on The Graph, an indexing and query protocol organising the world’s open blockchain data and making open data a public good. Tegan helps leaders and innovators connect more deeply with stakeholders across the blockchain ecosystem.

    Tegan Kline is the former International Business Development Manager and OXT Relations Lead for Orchid, an A16z and Sequoia backed blockchain company that created tools and protocols for users to obtain digital freedom and an open and accessible internet. Tegan successfully helped to launch Orchid at a 400m valuation on Coinbase.

    Prior to Orchid, Tegan was the Executive VP of a patent marketplace powered by blockchain, analysed by AI. She began her career in Investment Banking at BAML and, prior to discovering blockchain, worked in Sales and Trading at Barclays.

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