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We take listeners inside The Graph (GRT) by interviewing members of The Graph community and ecosystem.

GRTiQ Podcast - Episodes

Craig Tutterow Ricky Esclapon Edge & Node Data Science Web3 The Graph Analytics

Ep. 47: Data, Web3, and The Graph

Craig Tutterow & Ricky Esclapon, Data Scientists at Edge & Node. 

Ep. 46: The Best of 2021 (Part 2)

Featuring highlights from Episodes 26-44.

Ep. 45: The Best of 2021 (Part 1)

Featuring highlights from Episodes 1-25.

Kyle Rojas Edge & Node Goldman Sachs The Graph Crypto Air Force Rice MBA

Ep. 44: Kyle Rojas

Kyle Rojas, Business Development & Partnerships at Edge & Node.

Sam Green Semiotic AI Co-Founder CTO Cyclotron Road Sandia UC Santa Barbara Cryptography Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Reinforcement Learning

Ep. 43: Sam Green

Sam Green, Co-Founder and CTO at Semiotic AI.

Alexandre Bourget CTO StreamingFast Dfuse Montreal Intel The Graph Firehose Core Dev Edge & Node GRT

Ep. 42: Alexandre Bourget

Alexandre Bourget, Co-Founder and CTO at StreamingFast.

Hiroki Kotabe Web3 The Block Kotabe Labs Research Analyst Blockchain The Graph

Ep. 41: Hiroki Kotabe

Hiroki Kotabe, Research Analyst at The Block.

Eugene Aseev Chainstack blockchain CTO Moscow The Graph

Ep. 40: Eugene Aseev

Eugene Aseev, Founder and CTO at Chainstack. 

Nena Djaja Edge & Node The Graph Product Engineer Subgraph Studio GRT

Ep. 39: Nena Djaja

Product Engineering Lead at Edge & Node. 

Kuan Huang Scout Cool Bubble Tea The Graph Analytics Ethereum

Ep. 38: Kuan Huang

Founder at Scout and Wave 2 grant recipient.

Brandon Ramirez Co-Founder Founder Edge & Node The Graph Mulesoft Web3 Delegator Indexer Curator GRT

Ep. 37: Brandon Ramirez (Part 2)

Co-Founder and Research & Product Lead at Edge & Node, and one of the original founders behind The Graph.

Brandon Ramirez Co-Founder Founder Edge & Node The Graph Mulesoft Web3 Delegator Indexer Curator GRT

Ep. 36: Brandon Ramirez (Part 1)

Co-Founder and Research & Product Lead at Edge & Node, and one of the original founders behind The Graph.

The Graphtronauts GRT Delegators Indexers Baghe Chris Ewing Crypto Staking

Ep. 35: The Graphtronauts

Baghe and Chris Ewing, members of The Graphtronauts.

TM Lee CoinGecko The Graph GRT Crypto Podcast Malaysia Crypto Exchange

Ep. 34: TM Lee

TM Lee, Co-founder and CEO of CoinGecko.

Boyd Varty Richie Laburn Indexer Africa Graphrica DePhi Decentralized Philanthropy The Graph GRT Indexers Delegator Rewards

Ep. 33: Index Africa

Richie Laburn and Boyd Varty with Index Africa, an Indexer at The Graph.

Curator The Graph Indexer Jarbas Silva The Graph Protocol GRT Delegator Rewards

Ep. 32: Jarbas Silva

Jarbas Silva, an Curator at The Graph.

Alex Falko Indexer The Graph Russia Crypto Delegator GRT

Ep. 31: Alex Falko

Alex Falko, an Indexer ( at The Graph.

Brendan Asselstine PoolTogether Curator Delegator The Graph CTO Crypto Blockchain no-loss prize games

Ep. 30: Brendan Asselstine

Brendan Asselstine, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at PoolTogether.

Derek Meyer DataNexus Graph God Curator Curation Station The Graph GRT Indexers Curators Delegators

Ep. 29: Curation Station

Derek (DataNexus) and Graph God, Members of Curation Station and Curators at The Graph.

Carl Hagerling Edge & Node The Graph Design Lead Graph Logo

Ep. 28: Carl Hagerling

Carl Hagerling, Co-Founder and Design Lead at Edge & Node.

Stake Squid Payne Alex The Graph GRT Indexer Curation Delegator

Ep. 27: Payne

Payne, an Indexer (Stake Squid) at The Graph. 

Jim Cousins WaveFive Gary MOrris 0xfury staking facilities The Graph Indexer subgraph GRT Graph Council

Ep. 26: Jim Cousins & Gary Morris

Jim Cousins (WaveFive) and Gary Morris (0xFury and Staking Facilities), Indexers and Members of The Graph Council.

Ep. 25: Oliver Zerhusen

Oliver Zerhusen, Ecosystem Manager at The Graph.

Ep. 24: David

David, Subgraph Developer (Synthetix & Kwenta) and Curator at The Graph.

Joseph Al-Chami Figment Proof of Stake The Graph GRT Indexer Core Developer

Ep. 23: Joseph Al-Chami

Joseph Al-Chami, Product Manager at Figment.

Sebastian Siemssen Fuhby Enzyme Avantgarde Finance The Graph Indexer Delegator DeFi Podcast

Ep. 22: Sebastian Siemssen

Sebastian Siemssen, Co-Founder & Lead Application Developer at Avantgarde Finance, the main developer behind Enzyme.

Chris Remus Chainflow Validator Indexer The Graph GRT Delegator

Ep. 21: Chris Remus

Chris Remus, an Indexer (Chainflow) at The Graph.

Reem Chahrour Ecosystem Manager The Graph Foundation Grants Advocates

Ep. 20: Reem Chahrour

Reem Chahrour, Ecosystem Manager at The Graph.

Koen Indexer The Graph Mind Heart Soul Subgraph Delegator GRT

Ep. 19: Koen

Koen, an Indexer (Mind Heart Soul) at The Graph.

Nena Juan Payne StakeSquid Edge & Node Curation Subgraph Studio Graph Explorer Indexer Delegator

Ep. 18: July 8th Launch - Panel

I spoke with Nena, Juan, and Payne – all names that anyone familiar with the recent product launches will recognize.

Nader Dabit Edge & Node Developer Advocacy The Graph protocol Delegator Curator

Ep. 17: Nader Dabit

Nader Dabit, Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node.

Chris Wessles Indexer The Graph Graphops Grantee Wave 1 Graph Foundation

Ep. 16: Chris Wessels

Chris Wessels, an Indexer (Graphops) at The Graph.

Marc-Antoine Ross CEO Co-founder StreamingFast protocol infrastructure The Graph dFuse Intel Passwordbox Montreal

Ep. 15: Marc-Antoine Ross

Marc-Antoine Ross, CEO and Co-Founder of StreamingFast.

Adam Soffer Livepeer Developer The Graph GRT Indexer Delegator

Ep. 14: Adam Soffer

Adam Soffer, a Software Engineer & Designer at Livepeer.

Pranav Maheshwari The Graph Edge & Node GRt Delegators Indexers Solution Engineer

Ep. 13: Pranav Maheshwari

Pranav Maheshwari, a Solutions Engineer at Edge & Node.

The Graph Foundation Martin Slimchance Payne StakeSquid Jim Cousins WaveFive GRT Indexer Delegator Curator

Ep. 12: Migration Special

Panel discussion with Martin (The Graph Foundation), Slimchance (Curator Relations at The Graph Foundation), Payne (Indexer, StakeSquid), and Jim Cousins (Indexer, WaveFive, and member of The Graph Council) 

Dave Kajpust Blockchain Engineer Edge & Node The Graph GRT

Ep. 11: Dave Kajpust

Dave Kajpust is a Blockchain Engineer at Edge & Node. 

P2P Validator Indexer at The Graph GRT Delegator Rewards

Ep. 10: Konstantin Zaitcev

Konstantin Zaitcev is an Indexer (P2P Validator) at The Graph.  Kasper Rasmussen, Head of Marketing at P2P, also participated. 

Zac Burns Software Engineer Edge & Node The Graph GRT

Ep. 09: Zac Burns

Zac Burns is a Software Engineer at Edge & Node.

Eva Beylin Director of The Graph Foundation GRT Delegator

Ep. 08: Eva Beylin

Eva Beylin is the Director of The Graph Foundation.

Gary Morris Indexer OxFury Staking Facilities The Graph

Ep. 07: Gary Morris

Gary Morris is an Indexer (0xFury and Staking Facilities) and member of The Graph Council.

Jerry Okolo The Graph Curator

Ep. 06: Jerry Okolo

Jerry Okolo is a Delegator and Curator at The Graph.

Stefan Mueller The Graph Academy The Graph GRT

Ep. 05: Stefan Mueller

Stefan Mueller is a Delegator, soon-to-be Curator, and creator of The Graph Academy.

Juan Manuel Rodriguez Defago Indexer Protofire The Graph

Ep. 04: Juan Manuel Rodriguez Defago

Juan is an Indexer, Delegator, and subgraph developer. 

Tegan Kline Edge & Node The Graph

Ep. 03: Tegan Kline

Tegan Kline, Co-founder and Business Lead at Edge & Node.

Derek Silva Comm Comm The Graph Community Leader

Ep. 02: Derek Silva

Derek Silva, founder of CommComm, is a community manager at The Graph.

Jim Cousins GRTiQ Podcast The Graph Indexer Wave Five and Member of The Graph Council

Ep. 01: Jim Cousins

Jim Cousins is an Indexer (Wave Five) at The Graph and a member of The Graph Council.

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